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In the hot summers and cool springs and falls of Northeastern Minnesota, Joe grew up hunting, fishing, and trapping. From his dad and with his brother, he developed a healthy  comfort and respect for the wilderness and rustic environments.  Painting the animals that came around, just made sense. Moose were always a fascination to Joe (and pretty much everyone else).

The chickadees all hang out in birch trees at winter in Northern Minnesota
Moose in the Mist.  A foggy Minnesota morning in the Boundary Waters
Autumn Moose overlooking a wilderness lake ner Ely, MN
Ed Crosman Moose Team from 1905 in Ely, MN.  Yes, this really happened.
A moose looking out over the muskeg on small lake near the Boundary Waters of Ely, MN
Winter wolves approach with caution and boldness their yellow eyes gleaming and breath steaming in the cold Ely, MN winter.
A bear attacks a baby moose outside of the Boundary Waters in.  springtime
A bull moose on a river outside of the Boundary Waters near Ely, MN
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