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INTO THE BRUSH art program 
This is a non profit venture designed to attract people in for learning how to paint in northeastern Minnesota. 

Mission:  We get them here to learn to paint and through artistic observation along with painting our elements from right here, they discover what a fantastic time they can have in a wilderness experience.   Learn More Here

Under A Wing  mentor program
In the Ely Minnesota region, our youth have always been leaving for many reasons.  Economics plays a large role in the youth exodus.  Many want to return home because this a really nice place to live compared to many metro options, employment options can be limited.  So they move away and return as retirees for a limited number of years.  That's great, but Ely needs youths remaining in town and having families.  Our school needs them and so do all the businesses if we are to survive as a viable town, 

Under A Wing is a mentor program that seeks out young, artistically-talented Ely kids and puts them on to a path of pursuing their talent, refining their skills and learning how they could make a business out of their own abilities.  The intent being that they build their skills, confidence and understanding whiles using their art.  

Under a Wing is a mentor scholarship program.  It is 100 hours of class time with most materials and all instruction provided at no charge.  Mentor students are recommended by the school art teacher.  Mentor students are required to  paint many different aspects of art.  At the end of their 100 hours, they will put on an exhibit for the general public.  all proceeds they generate from sales from their art is their's to keep.   

Under A Wing runs completely on donation from mentor, Joe Baltich to the community giving.  A donation is for Ely's human future.  For more info, please click here


SOUL - Stones Of Uplifting Light
Stones Of Uplifting Light is a benevolent mission to provide a fine art painted, Lake Superior stone to someone who became unexpectedly, terminally ill.  SOUL stones are to provide some emotional support for the individual and family.  

How it works:  It's very simple.  An intermediary (friend, family member or acquaintance) finds provides a SOUL artist (Joe Baltich) with details about a more joyous time in the patient's past.  Joe paints that moment or event on a rock and sends it to the individual directly or to the intermediary for delivery to the patient.  The artist really does not have direct contact with the recipient.  SOUL is intended to be the sharing of fine art as a "kindness of strangers mission".  It's that simple.  

SOUL runs on donations from the general public to pay for shipping, materials, and time.  To find out more about getting a SOUL stone for somebody and how to donate, please visit here.  


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