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Commissioned Works

Joe paints commissions in everything from trains to portraits, to special family memories.  His medium of choice is acrylic. 

Joe has done many portraits over the years of both living and passed, cherished animals and .  His goal is to try to represent that "sparkle of an old friend" 

Here are only a few of the many subjects he's painted in the recent past. 


Stu McEntyre and his dad back in the 1970's with a sled dog team
Pet Portrait - Dog named Walter
Dog Portrait - Wookie
Joe Baltich Art
Porcelain Angel.  Painted on aluminum
Train - DM&IR near Ely MN
Dave Merhar walking in mountains in Barvaria

A good painting can be many things to many different people, but they always hold special meaning to the recipient, no matter how big or small. 

Charlie Merhar, Ely, MN
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