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Water Color

For his first ever art classes (in 2018) in painting, Joe took two water color classes.  One from Sue Brown Chapin, the other from Catherine Hearding, both seasoned and accomplished watercolor artists and excellent teachers.  These are some of Joe's first water colors that have been adding to a line of his greeting cards.  Joe's watercolor style is a little more direct than many water colors out there, but he tends to lean towards a bolder, less subtle vibrancy. It remains a work in progress as does his acrylic painting.

Whisky jacks, canadian jays, canada jays, ely mn, boundary waters
boundary waters sunset, sunset ona lake, sunset painting, packsack, campfire, firewood, campsite, pine needles, pine trees
red canoe, packsack, cano paddles, birch trees, rocks, boundary waters, portage bwca lake,
winter in boundary waters, ely mn.  snow, sunrise in snow, frozen bwca lake
Grandpa's Cabin.  Boundary Waters, Ely MN, boat and motor, log cabin, lake home
The Portage.  Watercolor by Ely, MN artist Joe Baltich
wilderness cabin, log cabin ely mn, slitting firewood, lake cabin, cottage,
Moose in the Mist.  Ely MN artist Joe Baltich watercolor
The Muskeg. Moose overlooking water and muskeg in boundary waters of MN

Water color has a life of it's own in the uncertainty of the results once the painting dries.  It's a bit like opening a Christmas present that had that strange rattle, but you had to wait to open.

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